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Door Viewers

We offer a wide range of high quality door viewers and spyholes as well as extras and accessories to step up your front door security. Knowing who is knocking on your door even before you give an answer is key to protecting your home and family from intruders. Being able to peep out and see who is standing on the other side is key to determining if they really are who they say. Most door viewers we sell also come with free privacy covers to stop people looking into your home.

Today intruders and scam artists don’t only come in through your windows when you are not home but actually knock on the front door and come into your home with your help. Make sure you are aware of who is standing at your doorstep with a high quality door viewer. Though anyone can easily fall under a scam artists or an intruders’ con, generally they target the elderly or handicapped, which is why we offer home door viewers with a wider viewing range, bigger viewing area, and numerous styles and designs to choose from.

The door viewer is usually designed to be put through door knockers with a spyhole. However we also sell a range of door viewers to fit on the front of your door which are designed to be stand alone. Though anyone and everyone will benefit from the installation of high quality door viewers, the elderly are usually targeted and absolutely must have one installed. The installation of special door hardware to boost security will help give you ease of mind that even though they are on their own they are safe from intruders and scam artists. These can be found in the secure-to-view door viewer category.