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Euro Cylinders & Locks

We offer a number of high quality double, half and thumbturn cylinders which are among the best in the UK. Ensuring extra security features and high quality materials they are by far one of the best choices for inexpensive investment into your front door security and prevention of break-ins and burglaries. Intruders will be faced with British Standard features that are developed based on the common methods used to open front doors. The Euro cylinder locks have been awarded the ‘Secure by Design’ approval by the Association of Chief Police Officers and have numerous secure safety features that have made them the number one choice in London, Wales, and throughout the UK.

These cylinder security features include:

Anti-Snap: The locking mechanism will be left intact and thus preventing access to the property if an intruder were to apply force to either side of the cylinder. This is because of the development of an anti-snap line which allows the cylinder to break at it rather than at the locking mechanism.

Anti-Bump: The lock is safe from the popular ‘bumping’ technique with the patented ‘timing pin’ system in the cylinder.

Anti-Pick: The lock will be safe from picking with its 3 anti-pick pins on each side of the cylinder.

Anti-Drill: Common drill bits will have absolutely no effect on the cylinder as it features 4 steel hardened anti-drill pins on each side. The only way that they can be broken through is with a special drill bit, thus making braking into your home harder even for professional burglars.

Each lock comes complete with 3 keys and extras are available for an additional cost. Remember, to get best results and front door protection, make sure you fit the correct size cylinder. To ensure this, use the MAX6MUM SECURITY Cylinder Gauge.