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Front Door Numbers & Letters

We offer a number of high quality front door numbers and letters which are among the best in the UK. These high quality door numbers have been ergonomically designed to leave the door with a smooth, clean and modern finish.
Make your property stand out in the dark with a front door number or door letter, and make it easier for visitors, the postal service and emergency services to find your property. The door numbers are 3 inch in height and come with two different fixing methods - screw fix and self-adhesive.

The self-adhesive front door numbers and letters are easy to fit and long lasting. With no skill or tools required to attach the numeral to the door, they can be fitted to any door or wall surface. Each digit is secured to the door using an industrial closed cell tape which is watertight, stopping water getting behind the digit to prevent rusting. These are the number one choice in London, Wales, and throughout the UK.

The door numerals are available in polished brass, black, gold anodised, silver anodised, polished chrome, PVD gold, mirror polished and satin stainless in door numbers 0-9 and letters A-C. As standard, the door numbers are salt spray tested for 480 hours, and come with a 5 year inland coating guarantee. The PVD gold, mirror polished and satin stainless steel door numbers are part of our Nanocoast range, and come with a lifetime coating guarantee anywhere in the country, so they are perfect for the coast or in highly populated industrial areas.