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Front Door Security

We offer a number of high quality door security products which are among the best in the UK. We have many front door security products available, including high security door chainsdoor restrictorsletterplate shroudscabin hooks and identity card slots.

Each front door security product has been made to an extremely high standard and offers features not found on many other products in the industry.

Safely restrict the opening of your door with an extra strong sliding or narrow door chain to identify and communicate with unknown visitors and deter forces entry. Made from steel, the chain is made extra strong with individually welded links, and can withstand and exceed a breaking force of 200NM, which means you can answer your door knowing you are protected. Each door chain comes with fixing screws, and fitting instructions are provided. The chain is very easy to fit and use, and will fit onto any door.

Made from zinc, the extra strong door guard restrictor gives the highest possible security against forcible door entry and is the ideal choice for anyone with limited hand movement or arthritis as there is no chain to deal with, just a solid locking bar. The door guard consists of two parts; the moving arm and the receiving plate, and comes with fixing screws. Fitting instructions are provided, and the door guard is very easy to fit and use, and will fit onto any door.

Key fishing / letterplate fishing is a technique burglars use to get hold of your keys, purse, handbags and more without even having to enter your property! They simply push open your letterbox flaps and use a long hooked rod, similar to a fishing rod, to ´fish´ for your keys and handbags. This means they can then use the keys to just walk into your property and help themselves to anything they want before driving off in your car! To stop hands getting through your letterbox and either hooking your keys, or opening your lock - use a letterplate restrictor shroud. This simple but effective device is 14.5" long and stops the inner flap opening more than 40 degrees and so stops unwanted hands being able to manoeuvre a rod inside.

The identity card entry slot is the ultimate security accessory for protection against rogue traders and bogus callers. It enables the homeowner to check the ID of a caller without having to open the door; they simply lift up the sliding latch on the inside to allow the caller to slip the card through. The ID card entry slot allows the occupier to receive the ID card easily without the awkward fumbling that occurs when trying to receive it through the letterbox. It also enables the occupier to thoroughly check the ID without the pressure of the caller standing in the doorway. This ID slot also acts as a visual deterrent to would-be-criminals; it shows them that the homeowner is aware of and prepared for bogus callers. This is the ultimate protection for people who feel vulnerable when opening their doors.