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Lockable White Window Restrictor (With White Cable)

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MAX6MUM SECURITY Baby and Child Window-Safe Restrictor

1 Keep your children safe from falling out of windows
2 No skill required to install
3 Full fitting instructions included
4 Can be fitted to any window or door
5 Fits on uPVC, wood, aluminum and metal.
6 Can be unlocked with a key if necessary
7 Locking system and key resistant to oxidation and corrosion
8 Can be used of fire escape windows if key is kept in easy reach
9 Supplied with self-drilling screws
10 Can be fitted to any window or door

The Royal Association for the Prevention of Accidents report that each year over 4,000 children under the age of 15 fall out of a window. These are unnecessary accidents as we have a solution that is simple, affordable and very effective; this is in the form of the Baby and Child Window-Safe™ Restrictor.

We know that kids love to have adventures, and with a child’s imagination a bedroom can be anything from a pirate ship to a castle or an island where the ground is flowing with lava. A bedroom is also full of props for these games, with dressers, beds and wardrobes just screaming out to be climbed on.

We know that safety isn’t always on the mind of a fearless adventurer, so we’ve thought about it for them. The Baby and Child Window-Safe™ Restrictor eliminates the risk of your child accidentally falling out of a window.

The window restrictor has been designed to enable you to open your window up to 10cm to allow air circulation through your home; however, should your child fall against the window they will still be safe and will not fall out.

Unlike some window restrictors currently on the market, the Baby and Child Window-Safe™ Restrictor has been constructed so that the whole device can withstand forces over 100kg, as opposed to just the cable. This means that you can relax knowing that even if your child gets themself in a situation where they could fall out of a window, we will be there to catch them.

The restrictor can be fitted to any window or door type in just minutes, it has a 20cm cable, and so during fitting you can adjust the positioning to achieve your desired window opening. A key is also provided for times when you may need to open the window fully.

You can protect your child in minutes with this window restrictor, you don’t have to rely on someone who is good at DIY, it is so easy to install that anyone could do it.

So why take the risk? Make your windows child safe with the MAX6MUM SECURITY® Baby and Child Window-Safe™ Restrictor.

Technical Information

Colour White
Cable Length 200mm
Max Window Opening 100mm

Fitting Instructions

1. You will first need to decide where on your window you want to put the restrictor. We suggest that you fit the window restrictor in the middle of the longest side opposite the hinges.

2. Take the locking system (C) and place it on the window frame (it does not matter if the key hole is at the top or bottom). Mark the 2 screw holes on the window frame using a pencil.

3. Using a drill or screwdriver, screw two self-
drilling screws (A) into the locking system to
secure it to the window.

4. Take the steel cable (B) and place the locking end (shaped like a T) into the locking system already fixed to the window. Place the other end
on the window panel (making sure that the cable
is not tight and has length for the window to open around 10-15cm – see diagrams 1 and 2) and mark the 2 screw holes using a pencil.

5. Using a drill or screwdriver, screw two self-drilling screws (A) into the end of the cable to secure it to the panel.

6. Once both parts are secure to the window, check to make sure the cable fits into the locking system. Take the key (D), place it into the locking system and make sure it locks and releases the cable.

7. Lock the cable into the locking system and open the window. This should allow the window to open approximately 10-15cm..

8. If everything works correctly, remove the cable from the locking system and attach the plastic cap by pressing it securely onto the locking system. On the end of the cable, attach the plastic cap.   


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