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MAX6 Anti-Snap Thumbturn Euro Cylinders

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UAP+ 1* Kitemarked Anti-Snap Thumbturn Cylinders

1* Kitemarked, anti-snap thumbturn cylinder
2 Secured by Design approved
3 Supplied with 3 keys
4 Anti-snap feature on both sides of the cylinder
5 Patented anti-bump system
6 3 anti-pick pins per side
7 4 hardened steel anti-drill pins per side
8 Full fitting instructions provided

The UAP+ Zero Lift thumbturn cylinder is a high quality 6 pin TS 007 1* BSi Kitemark cylinder that offers a low cost solution to lock snapping and lock bumping. It has also been awarded 'Secured by Design' by the Association of Police Officers.

It is manufactured with added steel pins inside the cylinder for enhanced strength and security to make it stronger and even more resilient to drilling than ever before. This high security cylinder has extra features to protect against forced entry. These include: 
Anti-Snap: The cylinder has an anti-snap line on each end so when force is applied to either side, the cylinder will break away to the anti-snap line only and not at the cam point. This prevents entry being gained through the exposed cam.

Anti-Bump: The cylinder has a ‘zero lift’ pin which sits far higher than the rest of the pins in the plug ensuring a bump key shoulder cannot touch the pin to bump it. 

Anti-Pick: 3 x Stainless Steel Anti-Pick pins in each side of the cylinder. 

Anti-Drill: 4 x hardened steel Anti-Drill pins in each side of the cylinder, 2 in the plug and 2 in the barrel. These require a special drill bit to break through. Common drill bits will have no effect.

What makes these thumbturn unique is the special 'D' shaped thumburn (shown above). These 'D' shaped thumbturns are ideal for people with limited hand movement, and the elderly, as they are alot easier to operate than traditional chaped thumbturns.

What Size Cylinder Do I Need?

The easiest way to measure what size cylinder you need, is to purchase the MAX6MUM SECURITY cylinder gauge.
This fits together as shown above. To find out what size cylinder you need, follow the below instructions:

1 - Put the centre of the cylinder gauage (B) into the retaining screw hole on your door (there is no need to remove the retaining screw).

2 - Adjust the lever (A) on the gauge to the end of your door handle (do not measure what the exisiting cylinder is at it may be the wrong size and cause the cylinder to overhang, which makes it vulnerable to burglars).

3 - Read off measurement (A) on the gauge.

4 - Repeat steps 2 and 3 for side (C).

5 - You will now have 2 measurements for (A) and (C) in mm. If your measurement is an odd size (not divisible by 5) i.e. 38mm, round it up to the nearest 5mm, so this would be a measurement of 40mm.

If measurement (A) is 40mm, and measurement (C) is 50mm, the cylinder size you would need is a 40/50 cylinder (smallest measurement size usually comes first in the listing) which is 90mm overall. If measurement (A) is 50mm, and measurement (C) is 40mm, again the cylinder size you will need is a 40/50 cylinder as all the cylinders are revisable, and have anti-snap features on both sides. 

Anti-Snap Feature

27% of ALL Burglaries
Involve Lock Snapping!

Lock snapping is a method burglars use to gain entry to gain entry to a property by exploiting a vulnerable door cylinder lock. By using a simple tool, burglars can twist and break a door handle backplate to expose the end of the cylinder. The weakest point on a cylinder lock is near the centre screw and if too much of the cylinder protrudes from the door, the cylinder can be clamped, twisted and broken. This completely exposes the door’s locking mechanism and a burglar is then able to turn the cam, which turns the lock. It's simple, fast and unfortunately becoming a very common method of attack.

UAP+ euro cylinders have an anti-snap line on each end so when force is applied to either side, the cylinder will break away to the anti-snap line only, leaving the locking mechanism intact and not allowing access to the property.


Anti-Bump Feature

Bumping is a method where locks are tricked into opening as the believe the correct key has been inserted
A specially crafted bump key is used, and through striking the key into the lock, it caused the pins to jump up and down, and eventually line up so the lock can be opened.

There is often little trace that a lock has been bumped (only through forensic testing) and insurance companies will often not pay out as they believe that the door has been left open.

UAP+ cylinders use a patented anti-bump system to prevent this from happening. It is a truly formidable barrier to lock bumping.

How to Fit a Cylinder

Removing Your Old Cylinder

1. Place your key into the cylinder and open your door

2. Use a screw driver to remove the retaining screw from the cylinder (located underneath the latch and in line with the cylinder)

3. Turn the key approximately 30 degrees either clockwise or anti-clockwise (either at 10 or 2 o’clock)

4. Apply slight pressure to the opposite end of the cylinder so the cam (black latch in the centre of the cylinder) lines up with the cylinder body

5. Slowly slide the cylinder out of the door towards yourself

Fitting Your New Cylinder

1. Place your new key into the new cylinder

2. Turn the key approximately 30 degrees either clockwise or anti-clockwise (either at 10 or 2 o’clock) so the cam lines up with the cylinder body

3. Slide the cylinder into the door

4. Place the new retaining screw into the door’s fixing hole, and use a screw driver to tighten so it is secure

WARNING – DO NOT over tighten the retaining screw, as it will place strain on the cylinder cam and cause it to not function correctly.


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