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MAX6MUM SECURITY is a brand new retail range of door hardware and security products. MAX6MUM SECURITY has been designed to an extremely high level of quality, whilst at the same time keeping affordable prices in mind. Now is the time to improve your home security with simple installations, at a time when burglaries are on the rise. Transform weak and defenceless front and back doors into protective barriers for yourself, your family and your most valuable possessions.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY range consists of door viewers, door handles, letterplates and door security, and also features our window security products, such as our sash jammers and baby and toddler window restrictors, which are becoming increasingly popular due to the rise in the number of deaths caused by children falling out of windows.

The MAX6MUM SECURITY also has a range of corrosion resistant door hardware called Nanocoast which has been designed specifically to prevent corrosion from happening. This is particularly beneficial for those who live in coastal regions where the air contains higher levels of salt than places further inland, since the salt attacks the metal coatings on the door hardware and causes them to tarnish more quickly. Nanocoast products are made from 304 grade stainless steel and have been salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for 2,000 hours. Nanocoast products come with a lifetime guarantee against surface corrosion. The letterboxes, door handles, door knockers and letters and numerals in the MAX6MUM SECURITY range are all available in a selection of Nanocoast finishes. Available finishes include Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel and PVD Gold.

All MAX6MUM SECURITY products come with step by step fitting instructions, so you can quickly and easily install the products yourself, without the expense of hiring third parties.